This page provides a series of videos on how to use Profit Zombies' lead tracking system to maximize marketing return on investment. Topics include account setup, personalized communication, and automation strategies.

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<aside> 👋 Welcome to Profit Zombies! Please note that you need to have an account already set up to access this content.

If this is your first time accessing our platform, please watch the video below as it’ll help you learn how to log in and access your client portal.

If you already have an account, have already logged in, and need instructions on how to add a new team member, please watch the video below.

How To Add A New Staff Member


Making Sure Your Account is Setup Correctly

<aside> ⚠️ Before proceeding, please make sure to watch this video and set up any and all voicemail drops (pre-recorded voicemails). Otherwise, our system, when using the Power Dialer, will automatically send the potential new patient or lead a horrible template voicemail.

How to Add / Modify Pre-Recorded Voicemails For Power Dialer

<aside> ⚠️ Before proceeding, please make sure to watch this video and learn how to enable Do Not Disturb mode for certain leads that wish to not be contacted. Otherwise, our system will continue to contact the lead.

How To Stop Future Contact To Lead (Enable DND Mode)

Additionally, please review this video on updating the “Lead Follow-Up Tracking” field in the contact information section.

How To Manage Lead Follow-Up Tracking

How To Use The “Currently In Contact” Tracking Status


Account Setup & Basics

How To Login To Your Account / Lead Portal

How To Add A New Staff Member

How To Create New Phone Numbers For Calls And Texts

How To Change Phone Number Redirect / Call Forwarding

Personalized Communication Strategies

How To Make Amazing “Smart Lists” For Your Lead Sorting

How To Text Patients (Individually)

How To Manually Call A Lead

How To Set Reminders / Tasks For Leads

How To Personalize Messages With Patient Information

How To Text Your Patients (Bulk Text Message)

How To Bulk Email Your Patients